Mesa Bosphorus by Mesa Mesken

ABS Plus disposable formwork, which received the Innovative Product of the Year award at the Golden Plumb International Building Catalog 2020 Awards, was chosen by […]

Ziraat Bank, AFG Construction

Used in Ziraat Bank ; ABS Level, height fixed light disposable formworks. AFG Construction preferred the ‘Level’ series of ABS Lightweight Disposable Formworks at fixed […]

Residence, Azur Group

ABS Lightweight Filling on Floor have been the simple, economical and fastest solution for low floor fillings. To traditional alternatives, the ABS Plus system creates […]

HAB Space and Aviation Organized Industrial Zone, GMF Yapı

In the ‘HAB Space and Aviation Organized Industrial Zone’ project, which is still under construction in Ankara’s Kazan region, ABS Plus disposable formworks were preferred […]

Dolmabahçe Palace, Tera Construction

Tera Construction was looking for an economical, durable and simple solution to raise the cafe’s ground clearance by 10 cm. ABS Level H5 cm was the most effective building material for this […]

Emaar Square, TAV-Sera

Because the North Tower of the Emaar Square project is a composite structure, one of the most important design criteria is not to increase the weight of the structure by any means. Considering this, ABS […]