Sunken Slab Filling

Yunusoglu Residence, Yunusoglu Construction

Crawl Space Construction // Yunusoglu Residence, Yunusoglu Construction ABS Disposable Formworks were preferred for crawl space construction at Yunusoglu Residence by Yunusoglu Construction in Izmir, […]
lightweight filling antik dantel

Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel

Lightweight Filling on Floor Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel On the ground floor of Antik Dantel Headquarters, ABS Plus – Adjustable height disposable formwork system […]

Metropol İstanbul, Varyap

ABS disposable formworks create reinforced concrete raised floors in a continuous manner in very large areas with minimum effort. In comparison to alternative filling methods […]

Şaşkınbakkal Condominium Project, Vien Construction

ABS PLUS: Şaşkınbakkal Condominium Project, Vien İnşaat The level difference problem between the natural ground and the entrance of the building, which sits above the car […]