Landscape Filling

ABS Disposable Formworks are preferred not only because they are the lightest filling application. Thanks to the fact that they do not interrupt the drainage slope, they are also the preferred choice for constructing hard surfaces in landscape projects, and they completely eliminate the risk of long-term cracks.

With increasing congestion in today’s cities, the need for green spaces increases as well. One way to address this need is to utilize rooftops, podiums and terraces for gardens. This idea is a very a simple one, but it presents tough engineering challenges—including total building weight and drainage. ABS Disposable Formworks are useful for constructing practical and robust hard surfaces in such elevated gardens. The formworks can be laid on top of (or next to) inclined drainage sheets without blocking the flow of drain water. Landscape architects can therefore plan freely, without being concerned about hard-surface walkways blocking the drainage direction.

ABS Disposable Formworks are also very practical from a construction point of view. Not only do they allow construction of the surface with a single shot of concrete, they also allow construction of side walls. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations can be passed through the empty space below the concrete surface that has been constructed using ABS Disposable Formworks. The surface of the concrete can be covered with any material the landscape architect prefers, since the structure is exceptionally strong and crack-proof. Other landscape filling applications are heavy, time-consuming and expensive.

Landscape Filling Sample Cross-Section

Landscape Filling Reference Projects

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