Rainwater Harvesting

ABS Disposable Formworks can be used to construct underground water cisterns. The void space constructed with the disposable formworks can be used for harvesting rainwater.

When it comes to constructing underground cisterns one of the greatest advantages of ABS Disposable Formworks is the cost savings of constructing the reinforced concrete slab. The foundation and the surrounding shear walls are constructed in the same manner for every alternative solution, but with ABS Disposable Formworks the top slab under the ground will have a much greater load-bearing capacity and constructing it will be much more economical than traditional column-beam-slab designs. Because the top slab is going to be constructed underground it will first bear the weight of the topsoil, then vehicle loads if the surface is going to be utilized as a carpark for example. Against all column-beam combinations in the cistern, the reinforced concrete structure constructed with ABS Disposable Formworks will be more durable and more economical. Another advantage of using ABS Disposable Formworks comes from covering the cistern’s concrete ceiling and columns with durable plastic against humidity. The concrete structure exposed to humid air will be tightly covered with plastic, hence its life will be simply longer than bare concrete.

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