Pool Deck Slab Filling

Constructing a swimming pool on a flat reinforced concrete foundation or a floor slab is more practical and more economical than other designs. Once the sheer walls of the swimming pool are erected, the pool deck can be constructed using ABS Disposable Formworks in the form of a reinforced-concrete raised floor. The void space below the pool deck can also be used for MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) installation passages very effectively.

▶︎ The lightest solution to any filling problem: Regardless of the height, only the weight of the topping concrete is added to the structure. In addition, the arch-dome shape of the formwork reduces the required thickness of the topping concrete.

▶︎ Unmatched logistical advantage: The design makes the system components stackable, nesting in each other, providing enormous space efficiency. At a sample height of 100 cm, 1 truck of disposable formwork equivalents 50 trucks of alternative filling material!

▶︎ Very high load-bearing capacity: At a sample height of 100 cm and with only 5 cm of topping concrete, the live load-bearing capacity is 55 kN/m2.

▶︎ Void space creation: The void space that gets created under the domes has a net width of 59 cm between Ø125 mm columns. This means that any sort of electrical or mechanical installation can be passed through it either before or after construction.

▶︎ Fast and easy installation: Installation can be as fast as 20 m2/hour and requires no skilled labor.

▶︎ Continuous concrete surface: Any sort of covering (epoxy paint, wood flooring, asphalt etc.) can be applied on the concrete surface very easily. Similarly, separator walls can be installed directly on the surface.

▶︎ Environmental value: Because the formworks are made of recycled PP, they help to gain considerable LEED certificate points.

Pool Deck Slab Sample Cross-Section

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