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Marina 24, Say 24

The Marina 24 project, built by Say 24 Real Estate, continues to be established on a 30 thousand square meter land. Marina 24 project, which will consist of 367 residences, includes residence and villa concept residences ranging from 1 + 1 to 5 + 1. The Marina 24 project, which dominates the sea view, also includes commercial areas with the same view.

Marina 24, which will be implemented as a project that takes reference to the culture of living in a seaside mansion in Büyükçekmece, also draws attention with its location. Realized with the concept of a living project, Marina 24 has an iconic architecture where large spaces are presented to flat owners with special design options. 95 percent of the project has a sea view. In Marina 24, which has a 13-kilometer-long beach, there will also be commercial areas at the seaside in the 5 thousand square meter Marina Bazaar.

Why ABS Plus Disposable Formworks are used instead of EPS Blocks in the project?

Since the Marina 24 project has a horizontal architecture with varying elevation differences on each floor and each floor has a different architectural concept, these areas had to be filled with a light material. Although EPS was preferred for light fillings, especially at low heights, at the beginning of the project, the choice was changed in the application due to the challenging nature of the construction site in terms of transportation of materials and the large volume and not intertwining of EPS blocks.

After this point, a light, economical and most importantly fast application was started with the preferred ABS Plus Disposable Formworks thanks to its structure that can be intertwined and adjusted to any height. Especially the water installations located at the poolside were easily installed using 95% of the free space under ABS Plus. Compared to EPS filling, a great convenience has been provided during installation and it has been possible to intervene easily in future malfunctions.

Flexibility and speed ​​provided by ABS Plus to the project

In order to delay the project, which should normally be delivered in March 2020, due to the pandemic, project managers preferred ABS Plus as a product to speed up their work.

Lightweight filling on floor with ABS Plus

Thanks to its height-adjustable structure, ABS Plus provided great flexibility to the employees of the Marina 24 project in terms of lightweight filling on floor from 80 cm to 120 cm and low floor fillings around the pool. In the construction site, only ABS Plus foot heights were cut and adjusted as desired, and all possible elevation slopes were perfectly adapted.

Fillings around the pool with ABS Plus

Compared to EPS blocks, the ABS Plus height adjustable lightweight filling on floor provided the following advantages:

  • Bringing and stacking the products to the application area within the construction site provided an advantage of 30/1.
  • It is a great advantage that EPS blocks are affected by weather conditions and ABS Plus is not affected by any weather conditions.
  • Moving EPS blocks between floors was a waste of time, while ABS Plus can be easily transported between floors thanks to its interlocking structure.
  • Height adjustment in areas with elevation differences was 10 times faster in ABS Plus than EPS blocks.
  • EPS block costs fell far behind the price advantage offered by ABS Plus after certain heights.
  • A very easy application was made thanks to the space formed under ABS Plus at installation transitions.

To see which areas you can apply with ABS Plus, you can check our application areas link.

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