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Residence, Azur Group

ABS Lightweight Filling on Floor have been the simple, economical and fastest solution for low floor fillings. To traditional alternatives, the ABS Plus system creates a 95% hollow concrete structure. This space comes in such a way that the mechanical, electrical and sanitary installations can be commissioned and even implemented under the ABS Plus system, so that the system can be tested before it is put into operation. For this reason, our business partner Azur Group once again chose our solution.

Azur Group wanted to fill a low floor of 45 cm in an area of ​​1,600 m² in this housing project. The stuffing to fill must be filled. With the ABS Plus Lightweight Filling on Floor foam, the information of the pipes, which are among the sections of the sections, was cut, and the desired shape was achieved in the field. The difference in height between the blind molds was covered with wooden boards to allow a single pouring of concrete. ABS Plus system has been the most suitable application for Azur Group’s housing project.

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