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Logistics Warehouse Project, Sittnak Logistics Center

In Sittnak Logistics Center, there was an area of ​​2,400 m² to be used as a warehouse on the parking floor between the two blocks. It was necessary to fill this area with a material that is both light and high load-bearing and raise the existing structural floor by 100 cm.

It was decided to construct a reinforced concrete raised floor by using ABS Plus disposable formworks that meet all the necessary criteria in this area.

However, we encountered an interesting situation that we had never encountered before while making application projects and calculations. An 8 m high steel shelving system was also to be built in this warehouse area. The legs of the shelves would be attached to the reinforced concrete raised floor to be formed by ABS Plus disposable formworks. There was no problem in transferring the self-weight of the shelves and the vertical loads on the shelves to the structural floor, but since the shelves would oscillate in the event of a possible earthquake, some of the reinforced concrete legs formed with ABS disposable formwork would try to press and some legs would try to pull.

It was understood that the feet that make up the ABS Plus system, which normally stand freely on the structural floor, must be fixed to the structural floor in this case. In addition, shear walls were built at regular intervals in the area in order to transfer the lateral forces that will occur in the reinforced concrete raised floor to the structural floor in a safer way.

After the construction of the shear walls was completed, the base and guides forming the system were placed first, so that the foot locations were clear. Afterwards, chemical anchors were placed on all feet and reinforcement sprouts were planted on the structural flooring. The construction steel was bonded and the feet and domes forming the disposable formwork system continued to be placed.

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You can find more information about the advantages of ABS Disposable Formwork system via this link.

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