lightweight filling antik dantel

Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel

Lightweight Filling on Floor Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel On the ground floor of Antik Dantel Headquarters, ABS Plus – Adjustable height disposable formwork system for lightweight fillings was preferred in 700 m2 area. Level variances between different usage areas within building parts can be eliminated by constructing reinforced raised […]
Goztepe Cakmak Flat, Anka Cakmak Construction

Göztepe Anka Flats, Anka Çakmak Construction

Göztepe Anka Flats, Anka Çakmak Construction ABS Plus is preferred as a lightweight filling instead of heavy soil filling for the reverse beams filling in Göztepe Anka Apartment. In cases where the beams are not desired to be formed on the ceiling due to technical or architectural reasons, the beams […]

Titanic Mardan Palace, Titanic Hotel Management

Pool Deck Filling Titanic Hotels preferred ABS Disposable Formwork System for pool deck filling at Titanic Mardan Palace Hotel in Lara, Antalya. Constructing a swimming pool on a flat reinforced concrete foundation or floor slab is much easier and economical than alternative designs. Once the pool sheer walls are erected […]

NEF 09 Office Project, NEF

NEF prefered ABS Level – Fixed Height Disposable Formwork System For Lightweight Fillings for their NEF 09 Office project. This was the most economical and the fastest reinforced concrete application. Due to the fact that the reinforced concrete floors constructed using ABS Disposable Formworks are 95% empty, the void space […]

Tekinalp Gated Community, Sena Construction

Pool Deck Filling Application This gated community needed lightweight filling around the swimming pool area that was located above the car park level. In order to fill this space, various heights of ABS Plus were used. ABS Plus was also preferred to do the inclination inside the pool.

Kağıthane Housing Project, Ortadogu Group

Lightweight Filling on Floor Ortadoğu Grup preferred ABS disposable formworks for one of their continuing housing projects in Kağıthane for the purpose of filling the space around the swimming in order to construct a hard surface in a light, fast and economical way. Additionally, an extra enclosed space was obtained […]
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