Amenity Floor Construction

Exterior amenity floors

Smart developers seek to design amenities that provide a full outdoor living experience, with the living space seamlessly flowing from indoors to outdoors, similar to a single-family home. In outdoor spaces, skillful designers try to instill a sense of ownership and connectivity, creating areas that are highly visible and accessible from the leasing office while providing views from as many units as possible. Depending on the market and the level of security required, adjacent private spaces, such as units with patios, may have direct access to outdoor common spaces.

Amenity floor construction made easy with ABS Plus

ABS Plus is the optimal solution for indoor and outdoor reinforced concrete raised floor construction. ABS Plus creates a very lightweight permanent concrete structure for such areas. Its 95% empty structure and recycled plastic content is both environmentally friendly and the lightest solution. Moreover, the void space under the floor can be used for passing mechanical, electrical, and plumping installations. It is the most effective solution for the amenity floor, whether on low or high rises.

A sample cross section for amenity floor with ABS Plus

The Crest, Sobha project in Dubai

The Latest Reference Projects

  • Tema İstanbul Halkalı, Tema İstanbul
    In the Tema Istanbul Halkalı project, ABS Plus H150 cm disposable formwork system was preferred as a light filling on the floor. Compared to its […]
  • La Mer Dragos, Almis Construction
    In La Mer Dragos project, ABS Plus disposable formwork system was preferred for raising the floor above the foundation inside the building.
  • Fuatpaşa Villa, Yalı Öz
    ABS Plus disposable formwork system was used in the Fuat Paşa Villa project to construct hardscape surfaces in the garden area.