Tema İstanbul Halkalı, Tema İstanbul

In the Tema Istanbul Halkalı project, ABS Plus H150 cm disposable formwork system was preferred as a light filling on the floor. Compared to its […]
disposable formwork sunken slab

Fuatpaşa Villa, Yalı Öz

ABS Plus disposable formwork system was used in the Fuat Paşa Villa project to construct hardscape surfaces in the garden area.

Burhan Felek Sports Complex, VBZ Construction

Lightweight filling was required between the inverted beams on the terrace area of the Burhan Felek Sports Complex. ABS Plus disposable formwork was the favored […]

Istanbul International Finance Center, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Project, Limak

In the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey Project in Istanbul International Finance Center, which is under construction in Istanbul Ataşehir, there was a […]

Biva Tower, Biva Architecture

In the Biva Tower project, which is under construction by Biva Architecture in İzmir Bayraklı, ABS Plus Disposable Formworks were preferred for the need for […]

Maslak Plaza, Mimra Construction

A raised filling application had to be made on the parking lot in the project, without overburdening. For this, light filling application was made on […]