Maslak Plaza, Mimra Construction

A raised filling application had to be made on the parking lot in the project, without overburdening. For this, light filling application was made on […]

Ela Chemistry, MSM Construction

In order to reach the desired quota in the Factory Construction project, a reinforced concrete raised floor foundation was needed. The ideal height required for […]

Cadde Panorama, Örtaş Construction

ABS Plus, a Lightweight Filling Disposable Formwork system with adjustable height, was preferred in the Cadde Panorama project, built by Örtaş Yapı in Edirne Center. […]

Galataport İstanbul, Yapı Merkezi

ABS Plus Disposable Formwork, which received the Innovative Product of the Year award at the Golden Plumb International Building Catalog 2020 Awards, was chosen by […]

Kuveyt Al Adan Hospital, SHBC

This multi-facility project will involve building the expansion of the Al Adan Hospital in Kuwait, including: The new hospital (637 beds): 219,374 m2 Surgery and […]

İstanbul University Avcılar Campus, Taşyapı Construction

ABS Plus, which is a height adjustable, lightweight filling disposable formworks system, is used in the Istanbul University Avcılar Campus ; It was used as […]
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