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Maslak Plaza, Mimra Construction

A raised filling application had to be made on the parking lot in the project, without overburdening.

For this, light filling application was made on the floor by using ABS Plus Lightweight Filling Disposable Formworks system, which has a high load carrying capacity as well as being the lightest filling material.

Using ABS Plus H45 cm on a total area of ​​200 m2, lightweight filling application on the floor was completed in the lightest, fastest and most practical way.

The structure becomes heavy only as much as the concrete load on the feet of the blind formwork and on it.

In this way, the filling made with ABS Disposable Formworks is the lightest application that can be made on any floor of the building.

ABS Plus Lightweight Filling Disposable Formwork system allows filling to be done while the construction on the upper floors continues, thus providing a significant shortening of the construction time.

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