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Bodrum Mavi Arya, Aslan-Astaş-Caba Adi Partnership

ABS Disposable Formworks were used for landscape filling in the Bodrum Mavi Arya project.

In the total area of ​​1000 m2 in the project, it was necessary to quickly apply hard landscaping for vehicles. A fast and easy installation was provided with ABS Plus products, which are the ideal solution for this application.

Its light and easy installation despite its very high load carrying capacity has saved time and effort with the rapid completion of the project.

The required height for the area was achieved by using ABS Plus H45 cm Disposable Formwork + 10 cm concrete. As a result of the application, an aesthetic atmosphere was provided with the landscaping in the middle area, and a hard and durable landscape application was made for the sides, suitable for the walking ground.

In addition to being the lightest filling in hard landscaping applications to be made on the floor, ABS Light Filler Disposable Formwork, which completely eliminate the risk of cracking in the long term, are also used for landscaping and provide an advantage to the projects.

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