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Bodrum Mavi Arya, Aslan-Astaş-Caba Adi Partnership
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Ela Chemistry, MSM Construction

In order to reach the desired quota in the Factory Construction project, a reinforced concrete raised floor foundation was needed. The ideal height required for the project was achieved with the ABS Plus H25 cm Disposable Formworks application used in a total area of ​​150 m2.

The project area was finished and its surroundings were closed, but the filling molds were transported on a pallet to provide an easy and fast installation.

ABS Plus is an adjustable system adjustable single concrete formwork made of recycled plastic. It enables reinforced concrete raised up to 300 cm in all kinds of structures, and thus provides a light, fast, easy and economical filling.

In such a way that the products are nested. The system thus provides a unique logistics and transportation. For example, 1 truck blind mold is sufficient instead of 50 truck disposable formwork in a 100 cm fill.

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