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İstanbul Finance Center, Siyahkalem Cons.

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ABS Plus disposable formwork, which received the Innovative Product of the Year award at the Golden Plumb International Building Catalog 2020 Awards, was preferred as the lightweight filling method for the Istanbul International Finance Center’s recreation parcels 1 & 13.

Siyahkalem Construction, one of the leading contractors in Turkey, choose again ABS Plus in this prestigious project. The project involves the construction of a 7-storey indoor car park with bus and heavy vehicle access roads and a landscaping recreation area on islands 1 & 13, with a total construction area of 400,000 m² to be completed in approximately 2 years. The height of the filling area is on average 35 cm. Having the lightest weight and the highest load-bearing capacity were the main reasons why a reinforced concrete raised floor structure constructed with ABS Plus disposable formworks were preferred.

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