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Mesa Cadde, Mesa Mesken

mesa mesken proje görseli kör kalıp

mesa mesken proje görseli kör kalıp

About Mesa Cadde Project

Located in Maltepe, the rising star of Istanbul Anatolian Side, Mesa Cadde is within walking distance to the seaside. With its central location and view of the Prince Islands, it provides its new owners pleasant living spaces. Combining modern architecture with functionality, Mesa Cadde offers a real street atmosphere that lives 24/7 with its glamorous shops, gourmet cafes, and restaurants in the open-air shopping setting just below.  

Project Details and ABS Plus

ABS Plus disposable formwork system was used indoors in the Mesa Cadde project. Because it was an interior filling job, our solution has provided great savings in terms of both unmatched reduction of filling material volume and ease of transportation between floors within the construction site. While alternative applications such as aerated concrete were also being evaluated, ABS Plus was especially preferred because it creates 95% void space under its domes and allows MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) installation passages through the legs. Thanks to the pre-placement of ABS Plus spacers, installation transitions were made very easily and without error.

ABS Plus disposable formwork system for this lightweight filling application was preferred in variable heights in an area of ​​350 m2. ABS Plus was used at heights of 37, 51, 61, 118, 143, and 213 cm.

Level differences between different areas of use for various reasons in buildings can be eliminated with reinforced concrete raised floors constructed by using ABS disposable formwork system. The structure only gets as heavy as the concrete load in the legs and on top of the domes of the system. In this way, the filling made with ABS Disposable Formwork System is the lightest weight application that can be applied on any floor of the building. You can use this link to see other different application areas.

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