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Residence Project, Nami Construction

In the residence project of Nami İnşaat on Bağdat Street, ABS Plus Disposable Formworks were preferred and a practical and economical Landscape Filling application was made.

Filling application was needed in an area of ​​approximately 400 m2 around the residence. According to traditional methods, 20 trucks of crushed stone should be used; Half a truck of ABS Plus filling was sufficient, thus providing a great advantage in transportation and workmanship.

ABS Lightweight Filling Disposable Formworks, in addition to being the lightest filling in hard landscaping applications to be made on the floor, also completely eliminates the risk of cracking in the long term.

Disposable Formworks ranging from 100 cm to 40 cm were used in the project. Thanks to ABS Plus, a clean application was made and the landscape filling was completed quickly.

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