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Selçuklu Yazır Primary School Project, Özka 1 Construction

In the construction of the school in Konya, there was a need for lightweight filling on the foundation on a total area of ​​1700 m².

In the project made by Özka 1 İnşaat, ABS Plus Disposable Formworks were preferred because they are the lightest and have the highest load carrying capacity.

In order to provide the required height on the foundation, 10 cm concrete + ABS Plus H35 cm filling was applied.

With this application, a great deal of savings was achieved in the project without the need for extra materials, while the required height was met.

ABS Plus can be used for any light filling application. Other areas of use; low slab filling, landscape filling, reverse beam filling, filling between foundation shoes, parking ramp, filling around the pool, elevator/stairway hall filling and sub-basement construction.

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