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Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Extension Project, Kolin Kalyon Partnership

In the Supply Construction Project of the Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Extension Project, ABS Plus products were preferred due to their high load carrying capacity and easy and fast application advantages.

By using ABS Plus H82 and H112 cm on the foundation on a total area of 2500 m², it became a solid, practical and economical application in warehouses and similar areas.

The choice of ABS Plus disposable formwork system provided great convenience in this project due to especially the laying and compaction of the filling on the foundation and logistics problems in closed areas.

ABS Plus is a height-adjustable disposable concrete formwork system made of recycled plastic.

It enables the creation of reinforced concrete raised floors up to 300 cm in all kinds of structures and thus filling in a light, fast, easy and economical way.

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