Tema İstanbul Halkalı, Tema İstanbul

In the Tema Istanbul Halkalı project, ABS Plus H150 cm disposable formwork system was preferred as a light filling on the floor. Compared to its […]

La Mer Dragos, Almis Construction

In La Mer Dragos project, ABS Plus disposable formwork system was preferred for raising the floor above the foundation inside the building.
disposable formwork sunken slab

Fuatpaşa Villa, Yalı Öz

ABS Plus disposable formwork system was used in the Fuat Paşa Villa project to construct hardscape surfaces in the garden area.

Burhan Felek Sports Complex, VBZ Construction

Lightweight filling was required between the inverted beams on the terrace area of the Burhan Felek Sports Complex. ABS Plus disposable formwork was the favored […]

3SUN Giga Factory, Enel Green Power

3Sun, one of Europe’s largest solar panel manufacturing facilities located in Catania, Sicily, is poised to increase its output by a staggering 15 times. The […]
Togg car factory disposable formwork

Togg Car Factory, Yapı Merkezi

Togg factory’s 160,000 square meter floor is made of recyclable ABS Plus disposable formwork! ABS Yapı announced that the ground-raising phase of Turkey’s first domestic […]