Narlıdere Residence, Yunusoğlu Construction

In the Narlıdere Residence by Yunusoğlu İnşaat, ABS Plus – height adjustable filling disposable formworks system was preferred as a light filling for the floor […]

Residence Project, Azur Group

ABS Disposable Formworks have always been the most simple, economical and fastest solution for sunken slab fillings.  In comparison to conventional alternatives, ABS Plus disposable formwork system provides a %95 void concrete […]

İzmir İstinye Park AVM, Orijin Group

ABS Plus disposable formwork system preferred as a sunken slab filling at İzmir İstinye Park Shopping Mall project at İzmir, Turkey. Especially in commercial buildings, […]
lightweight filling antik dantel

Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel

Lightweight Filling on Floor Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel On the ground floor of Antik Dantel Headquarters, ABS Plus – Adjustable height disposable formwork system […]

BİM Ankara, Kuryap

Lightweight Filling on Floor ABS Plus adjustable height disposable formwork system was preferred in a 413 m² area of a new BİM store in Sincan, […]

Metropol İstanbul, Varyap

ABS disposable formworks create reinforced concrete raised floors in a continuous manner in very large areas with minimum effort. In comparison to alternative filling methods […]