İzmir İstinye Park AVM, Orijin Group

ABS Plus disposable formwork system preferred as a sunken slab filling at İzmir İstinye Park Shopping Mall project at İzmir, Turkey. Especially in commercial buildings, […]
lightweight filling antik dantel

Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel

Lightweight Filling on Floor Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel On the ground floor of Antik Dantel Headquarters, ABS Plus – Adjustable height disposable formwork system […]

BİM Ankara, Kuryap

Lightweight Filling on Floor ABS Plus adjustable height disposable formwork system was preferred in a 413 m² area of a new BİM store in Sincan, […]

Metropol İstanbul, Varyap

ABS disposable formworks create reinforced concrete raised floors in a continuous manner in very large areas with minimum effort. In comparison to alternative filling methods […]
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