İstanbul Panorama Houses, Pearl Construction

ABS Plus disposable formwork system preferred at İstanbul Panorama Houses as a landscape filling. It was a lightweight, simple and economical solution. With increasing congested […]
Sunken Slab Filling

Yunusoglu Residence, Yunusoglu Construction

Crawl Space Construction // Yunusoglu Residence, Yunusoglu Construction ABS Disposable Formworks were preferred for crawl space construction at Yunusoglu Residence by Yunusoglu Construction in Izmir, […]
lightweight filling antik dantel

Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel

Lightweight Filling on Floor Antik Dantel Headquarters, Antik Dantel On the ground floor of Antik Dantel Headquarters, ABS Plus – Adjustable height disposable formwork system […]

Tekinalp Gated Community, Sena Construction

Pool Deck Filling Application This gated community needed lightweight filling around the swimming pool area that was located above the car park level. In order […]

Kağıthane Housing Project, Ortadogu Group

Lightweight Filling on Floor Ortadoğu Grup preferred ABS disposable formworks for one of their housing projects in Kağıthane for the purpose of filling the space […]

Gaziantep Iconova, Dora Landscape

Landspace Filling Application ABS PLUS disposable formwork system provides fast, light and cost-effective filling for all types of structures with a height of up to […]