Bilim Üsküdar, Öz Furniture Industry and Trade

In the Bilim Üsküdar Project, there were 2 swimming pool areas that were originally designed and built as swimming pools. These fields had to be […]

Vakıfköy Sports Facilities, Vakıfköy Municipality

In the Vakıfköy Sports Facilities project, ABS Plus Lightweight Filling Disposable Formworks were preferred for filling the sports facility pool. In addition to being the […]

Marina 24, Say 24

The Marina 24 project, built by Say 24 Real Estate, continues to be established on a 30 thousand square meter land. Marina 24 project, which […]
pool deck slab filling

Rumeli Villas, Residence Management

Pool Deck Filling // Residence Management In this project, an existing swimming pool and it’s surrounding had to be reconstructed. The structure was above the […]

Titanic Mardan Palace, Titanic Hotel Management

Pool Deck Filling Titanic Hotels preferred ABS Disposable Formwork System for pool deck filling at Titanic Mardan Palace Hotel in Lara, Antalya. Constructing a swimming […]

Tekinalp Gated Community, Sena Construction

Pool Deck Filling Application This gated community needed lightweight filling around the swimming pool area that was located above the car park level. In order […]