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Vakıfköy Sports Facilities, Vakıfköy Municipality

In the Vakıfköy Sports Facilities project, ABS Plus Lightweight Filling Disposable Formworks were preferred for filling the sports facility pool. In addition to being the lightest filling products, ABS Plus solutions; It also brought unparalleled logistics and shipping savings to the project.

In the project, ABS Plus Disposable Formworks, which are used to meet the need for filling around the pool, are produced from recyclable materials, and at the same time gain LEED certification points by providing environmental benefits to the projects.

Building the swimming pool on a flat reinforced concrete foundation or floor slab is much easier and economical compared to alternative solutions. After the curtain walls of the swimming pool are built, the space between the perimeter walls and the pool curtain can be filled using ABS Lightweight Filling Disposable Formworks.

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