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pool deck slab filling

pool deck slab filling

Pool Deck Filling // Residence Management

In this project, an existing swimming pool and it’s surrounding had to be reconstructed. The structure was above the carpark and the area around the swimming pool was filled with earth – leaking rainwater to the carpark below. First, all old filling material was removed and the area was cleaned for proper water insulation.

After the insulation was done the residence management started looking for a filling material and found out about our disposable formwork system via an in-house civil engineer who used our product before in another job site. The residence management preferred ABS Plus adjustable-height disposable formworks for their lightweight filling need over every other alternative. At a 2-meter height, using disposable formworks for this filling case was the most economical and practical solution.

Moreover, because the filled space is basically empty, the management didn’t want to risk not to be able to access the water insulation in case another leakage occurs.

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