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Lightweight Filling on Floor

Ortadoğu Grup preferred ABS disposable formworks for one of their housing projects in Kağıthane for the purpose of filling the space around the swimming pool and to construct a hard concrete surface. Additionally, an extra enclosed space was obtained under this hard surface, where mechanical installations of the swimming pool can be passed through and can be accessed if necessary.

ABSYAPI, leader of innovative structural solutions, now contributes also value to Turkey’s economy with ABS disposable formworks produced locally. ABS Plus is installed very easy and fast (20 m <sup> 2 </ sup> / man-hour) reducing construction time significantly. Concrete, steel and all other filling materials used in the construction of the slab are decreased providing considerable savings and additionally, the whole structure lightens. The void space created by the disposable formworks can be ventilated and mechanical/electrical installations can be passed through it.

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