Selçuklu Yazır Primary School Project, Özka 1 Construction

In the construction of the school in Konya, there was a need for lightweight filling on the foundation on a total area of ​​1700 m². […]

Residence Project, Nami Construction

In the residence project of Nami İnşaat on Bağdat Street, ABS Plus Disposable Formworks were preferred and a practical and economical Landscape Filling application was […]

Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Extension Project, Kolin Kalyon Partnership

In the Supply Construction Project of the Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Extension Project, ABS Plus products were preferred due to their high load carrying […]

Maslak Plaza, Mimra Construction

A raised filling application had to be made on the parking lot in the project, without overburdening. For this, light filling application was made on […]

Bodrum Mavi Arya, Aslan-Astaş-Caba Adi Partnership

ABS Disposable Formworks were used for landscape filling in the Bodrum Mavi Arya project. In the total area of ​​1000 m2 in the project, it […]

Ela Chemistry, MSM Construction

In order to reach the desired quota in the Factory Construction project, a reinforced concrete raised floor foundation was needed. The ideal height required for […]