Şaşkınbakkal Condominium Project, Vien Construction
BİM Ankara, Kuryap

ABS disposable formworks create reinforced concrete raised floors in a continuous manner in very large areas with minimum effort. In comparison to alternative filling methods the system offers unmatched logistical advantage. For example, a sample height of 100 cm could be filled with only 1 truck of disposable formworks where any other alternative filling material would require 50 trucks!

Construction time gets reduced considerably due to the fast and easy installation of the formworks (20 m2/man-hour). Concrete as well as steel is used only at a minimum level saving cost. More so, the entire structure gets lightened. The void space under the newly constructed slab not only could be ventilated as a Radon gas or damp barrier but also could be used for electrical and/or mechanical installations to pass through.