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Emaar Square, TAV-Sera
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Because the North Tower of the Emaar Square project is a composite structure, one of the most important design criteria is not to increase the weight of the structure by any means. Considering this, ABS Level H5 cm + 4-5 cm reinforced concrete with fiber was used on top of the floor slab as a screed on all floors. As a result, the screed thickness, thus the weight of the screed concrete was reduced by 50%.

Moreover, the void space created by ABS Level H5 was also used for MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) installations to pass through. ABS Disposable Formworks were preferred in many different application areas in the Emaar Square project including car park ramps, pool deck fillings, landscape fillings, sunken slab fillings and reinforced concrete raised floors.

You can click this link for all application images.

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