Emaar Square, TAV-Sera
Sabah Al-Salem University, SEG Qatar
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ABS Level Dolmabahçe Palace

Tera Construction was looking for an economical, durable and simple solution to raise the cafe’s ground clearance by 10 cm. ABS Level H5 cm was the most effective building material for this application in comparison to alternative solutions. ABS Level reduced concrete consumption almost by half (ABS Level H5 cm + 5 cm dry concrete) without compromising the advantages of a rigid concrete surface. Dolmabahce Palace had very high-security standards, so the logistical advantage of ABS Level was also very handy – only one ABS Level pallet was enough for 100 m2. One final advantage of ABS Level was the easy removal option of this concrete structure if needed. Because the concrete rests on ABS Level’s legs and domes, one only needs to cut between the domes with a concrete blade creating a grid of removable pieces by hand. No need for mechanized breakers which can easily damage the protected ground surface.

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