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Lightweight Filling on Floor // Teminat & Orta Dogu Group

ABS Plus adjustable-height disposable formwork system for lightweight fillings was preferred at ‘Feneryolu Residence’ project in Istanbul, Turkey. The application area was above the external carpark adjacent to the main building. The level difference between the road and the carpark’s top slab had to be filled 50 cm in order to allow additional car parking on the underground parking’s top slab. Filling with disposable formworks was the most lightweight, economical and, more importantly in this project, durable application. Durability was very important from the contractors’ point of view because ABS disposable formworks create a very strong structure with a very high load-bearing capacity; at 50 cm formwork height and 10 cm covering concrete, 24-ton point load resistance. Please click here for the full university report.

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