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Manavgat Village Houses, Eneray Construction

There was a need for lightweight filling on the foundation tie beams for the villas to be rebuilt in Antalya Manavgat.

ABS Plus Disposable Formworks, which shorten the construction period with its practical application; In addition to its high load carrying capacity, it was the most advantageous choice for the project as it was the lightest filling.

In the two-storey villa with a total application area of ​​150 m2, application was made with ABS Plus light filler disposable formworks, approximately H60 cm on the continuous foundation tie beams and H100 cm between the beams.

Being a fast and practical application allowed the concrete casting to be completed within the same day.

With this application, there is no need for filling curtains to be made in stabilized filling, and significant savings have been achieved in terms of both time and cost.

ABS Plus can be used for any light filling application. You can contact us for more information.

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