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Cadde Panorama, Örtaş Construction

ABS Plus, a Lightweight Filling Disposable Formwork system with adjustable height, was preferred in the Cadde Panorama project, built by Örtaş Yapı in Edirne Center.

There was a need for light filling for the sidewalks in front of the shops in a total area of ​​600 m2 over the parking lot. ABS Plus Disposable Formworks, which are the fastest and most practical solution, were used by giving the project the required slope. In this way, the required height was provided for 600 m2 area and the ramp from 15 cm to 65 cm was manufactured.

ABS Plus can be used for any light filling application. Some usage areas; such as low floor filling, landscape filling, reverse beam filling, filling between foundation shoes, parking lot ramps, filling around the pool, elevator / stairway fill and plinth construction …

By choosing ABS Plus solutions in the project, Örtaş Yapı achieved the desired height quickly and economically and also provided environmental benefits in the project thanks to the disposable formworks made of recyclable materials.

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