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Nidapark Istinye Villas project is one of the most prestigious projects in the European side of Istanbul. This project’s motto is ‘Project Without Borders in Luxury’. It even includes a marina of its own on the Bosporus.

Investors were looking for environmentally sustainable products, long-lasting building materials and constructing structurally as lightweight as possible due to the earthquake risk of Istanbul.

On an area of 350 m2, a lightweight filling material was needed to construct a secondary slab 80 cm higher than the existing structural slab. This new slab is going to be used as a car park.

A former customer of ours, Tahincioglu Construction contacted us for this lightweight filling solution. ABS Plus 70 cm was the best fit solution for the Nidapark Istinye project. Our solution provided a lightweight slab structure because it constructed a %95 void space under the ABS Plus domes. Our solution not only reduced concrete consumption but also the void space was used for mechanical, electrical and plumbing passages.

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