To compare ABS Disposable Formwork’s benefits to alternative filling applications please fill in the form 1 through 7 and click ‘calculate’. The results table will show you our advantages in terms of concrete and steel consumptions, additional dead weight to the building, operational volume, and application speed. Assumptions and parameters for our calculations can be examined at the bottom of the page.

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Results Table

Total Finished Height - cm
Steel Wire Mesh Cons. - kg/m²
Concrete Consumption - m³/m²
Additional Dead Weight - kg/m²
Operation Volume - truck
Operation Speed - man/day

Parameters & Assumptions


Name Concrete Consumption m3/pcs pallet/pcs m3/pallet
ABS Level - H5 (2 pcs = 1 m3) 0,0097 m3/m3 2 180 1,13
ABS Level - H10 (2 pcs = 1 m3) 0,0215 m3/m3 2 180 1,13
ABS Level - H15 (2 pcs = 1 m3) 0,0254 m3/m3 2 180 1,13
ABS Plus System
ABS Plus - H15 Dome (2 pcs = 1 m3) 0,0355 m3/m3 2 180 1,13
ABS Plus - Base (2 pcs/m3) 2 540 0,56
ABS Plus - Spacer (maks. 4 pcs/m3) Spacer used: 4 2.200 0,56
PVC Pipe ø125, lm 2 154 1,00
Installation speed for fixed-heights 90,00 m3/man-hour
Installation speed for adjustable-heights 20,00 m3/man-hour
Steel platform installation speed with pre-cut pipes including screwing time 5,00 m3/man-hour
Truck load carrying capacity 25,00 m3/TIR
Truck load carrying capacity (actual) 27,00 ton/TIR
Raw earth density 2,00 ton/m3 13,50 m3/truck
Gravel density 1,60 ton/m3 16,88 m3/truck
Stabilized stone powder density 2,20 ton/m3 12,27 m3/truck
Aerated concrete and aerated concrete crumbs density 0,50 ton/m3 25,00 m3/truck
Perlite density 0,45 ton/m3 25,00 m3/truck
EPS, styrofoam density - ton/m3 25,00 m3/truck
Steel profile density - 40x60 3,01 kg/lm 8.970,10 m3/truck
Concrete density 2,50 ton/m3 10,80 m3/truck
Dry concrete density 2,00 ton/m3 13,50 m3/truck
Concrete board density 26,50 kg/m3
With wheelbarrow 0,66 m3/man-hour
With back-hoe loader 4,00 m3/man-hour
Compaction labor 50,00 m3/hour
Gravel ans stone powder carrying and paving labor (with wheelbarrow) 0,25 m3/man-hour
Gravel ans stone powder carrying and paving labor (with back-hoe loader) 1,00 m3/man-hour
EPS, styrofoam carrying and paving labor 3,00 m3/man-hour
Perlite carrying and paving labor 0,50 m3/man-hour
Aerated concrete carrying and paving labor 0,90 m3/man-hour
Daily working hours 8,00 hour
Steel wire mesh ø6 15x15 3,01 kg/m3
Steel wire mesh overlay 10%
U shaped rebar in ABS Plus' legs ø8 mm, density 0,395 kg/m 4,00 m/m3
Steel labor required for reinfroced concrete jobs 40,00 man-hour/ton
Formwork labor required for reinforced conrete jobs 2,25 man-hour/m3
Concrete casting labor 4,00 m3/man-hour
Retaining wall number 4 pcs
Retaining wall thickness 0,2 m (note: only half will be calculated)
Raw earth
Stone powder
Aerated concrete crumbs
Stabilized gravel+sand mix
EPS, styrofoam (15 dns)
Dry concrete
Aerated concrete
Steel platform
  • Other Assumptions

-Live loads and advised topping concrete thickness' for disposable formworks: 350 kg/m3 5 cm, 500 kg/m3 8 cm, 1.000 kg/m3 10 cm, > 1.000 kg/m3 15 cm
-In alternative filling scenarios, if topping concrete thickness is more than 15 cm then two layers of steel mesh is used.
-No additional concrete layer for dry concrete.
-Plastic disposbable formwork weight is assumed to be zero.
-In all scenarios the application is above an existing reinforced concrete slab.
-Traditional fillings are assumed to be compacted every 20 cm, double steel mesh for more than 15 cm topping concrete thickness and 10% steel mesh overlay.
-EPS styrofoam, aerated concrete and steel plaform applications omit method of pavement selection.
-Retaining walls does not exist for steel platform and dry concrete. Also, shall be zero for less than 30 cm applications.