Şaşkınbakkal Condominium Project, Vien Construction

Metropol İstanbul, Varyap

ABS PLUS: Şaşkınbakkal Condominium Project, Vien İnşaat

The level difference problem between the natural ground and the entrance of the building, which sits above the car park, was solved in this project. The average level difference was 220 cm and was supposed to be filled with the most easy and lightweight method. Moreover, the filling surface was going to be used as a car park as well.

In order to fill this area ABS Plus Disposable Formwork system was used and a new reinforced concrete raised floor was created at the required height. The height of the system was obtained by cutting the PVC legs at the desired level. Because the PVC legs could be cut at the desired level (before pouring the concrete) the new slab surface was constructed inclined in order to allow rainwater flow. The new slab surface was covered by necessary insulation and asphalt to be used as an open car park.

Installation Pictures

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